My name is Jared S. Pettinato. I spent nine years as a United States Department of Justice Trial Attorney. There, I defended $16 billion of public works projects against allegations that various United States agencies failed to analyze adequately those projects’ environmental effects. The United States trusted me with those projects in part because of my background, innovative legal theories, and work ethic.

Since graduating from Stanford Law School, I have worked in all three branches of government, in state government, and in federal government. I’ve represented multi-billion dollar private corporations while working for the fourth-largest law firm in the United States, and for two years, I represented the people of the United States on a federal grand jury.

I defended projects that include the $6.8-billion Subway to the Sea under Beverly Hills High School and a $2-billion light rail to LAX. In Indiana, I defended the longest, 143-mile, new-terrain, interstate construction project in forty years. I also successfully defended the first wind turbine facility on United States land in Nevada. The plaintiffs argued it would cause a “bloodbath” for bats flying from the nearby Rose Guano Cave. After defending firefighters dropping fire retardant out of airplanes, I participated in designing a new process for dropping it where it would cause less harm. I clerked for Montana Supreme Justice W. William Leaphart immediately out of law school. In 2006, I published an article titled Executing the Political Question Doctrine. It explained a more precise test for identifying political questions for which courts decline to consider cases.

In addition to my work, I have bought an 1895 row house, obtained the permits and remodeled it. I’m currently renting out four rooms and the basement. Two years after buying that house, a Texas LLC broke in and claimed that their 2006 tax deed was superior to my 2008 mortgage deed. I sued them for $2.7 million in D.C. Superior Court. We settled when it dropped its claim. Separately, my mother, two brothers, and I prevailed in a state-court lawsuit against my uncle and my cousin over control of my grandfather’s business on main street in my home town. I also played drums in two DC rock and roll bands. These eclectic and intense experiences drove me to understand the forces that pulled me in separate, seemingly-conflicting directions.

I have been collecting economic, political science, and psychological principles for years. I saw politicians, theorists, pundits, and citizens agree to disagree without understanding the fundamental reasons for disagreeing. As a mathematician, I could not accept a result that the world moves in chaos that we could never understand. I sought a comprehensive theory that accommodated everything. In every situation, I viewed the situation from another position I had held in my life, I often saw conflicting counter-arguments, so I searched for the synthesis between them.

My union secretary father and mother, whose entrepreneurial father owned part of the downtown retail clothing store, conflicted constantly. I sought to reconcile those views that seemed diametrically opposed. I grew up in Whitefish, Montana, a small ski town in the northern Rocky Mountains at the gateway to Glacier Park. My life there taught me to appreciate the delicate balance between growth and tradition. Bit by bit, this theory developed. My legal training drove me to argue with every contention, and I refined the approach by consuming over seven thousand pages of political theory, economics, and psychology. This grand unified theory will advance understanding of the forces underlying global, national, local, organization, and even intra-family politics. I am revising the first draft, and I am looking for literary agents.

Please contact me at, @Jared_Pettinato, or I look forward to hearing from you.

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